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Nowadays, in every sector, things move so fast, so that if you want to rise, thrive and be a source tomorrow, you need to get ahead everyone today.

The Aerospace and Defence trade has successfully become a multi-billion-dollar sector, but little known and informed about. Hence, Aerospace & Defence Talks help you garner knowledge about the industry. The group was established in the year 2000 as a weekly publication; has its headquarter in New York City.

We launched our online edition in 2014, with daily news stories about the sector. As we all know the aerospace and defense industry is too vast, thus, Aerospace and Defence Talks is segregated into four main columns namely, Drones & Helicopters, Defense, Space and last but not the least Industry News. Each column holds the potential to be an industry on its own. Based on a report in January 2014, there will be $98.2 billion in overall cumulative drone spending over the subsquent10 years. In defense, we provide the latest development and analysis of programs, business, policy, and technology.

Aerospace and Defense Talks is here to guarantee you that you will be updated on all newest developments, product releases, YouTube videos, and legal precedents.

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