A Unit Load Device (ULD) is a container used in air cargo transportation to consolidate and transport goods. ULDs are standardized containers designed to fit into the cargo hold of an aircraft, enabling quick and efficient loading and unloading of cargo.

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ULDs come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different types of cargo, including boxes, pallets, and containers. They are made from materials such as aluminum, steel, or composite materials, and are designed to be lightweight yet strong enough to withstand the rigors of air transportation.

ULDs are essential to the air cargo industry, as they help airlines optimize their cargo loading processes and maximize the use of cargo space on aircraft. By using standardized ULDs, airlines can reduce handling time, improve cargo security, and increase operational efficiency.

Key Players In This Research Report:

  • ACL AIRSHOP (The U.S.)
  • Brambles Group (Australia)
  • Cargo Composites (The U.S.)
  • CSafe Global (The U.S.)
  • Dokasch GmbH (Germany)
  • Envirotainer AB  (Sweden)
  • Nordisk Aviation Products AS (Norway)
  • Palnet GmbH Air Cargo Products (Germany)
  • Satco, Inc. (The U.S.)

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