Swiss Military Betting on Modern 120mm Mortar Systems

On Friday, the Swiss Federal Department of Defence (DoD), Civil Protection and Sport declared the successful completion tests of an advanced model of Mörser 16 120mm self-propelled mortar carrier, and that these programs, finally, in 2024 will go to the Swiss military.

Swiss Military Betting on Modern 120mm Mortar Systems

In January 2016, the Swiss Federal Office for Defense Procurement (Armasuisse) issued a Swiss firm RUAG contract valued at 404 million Swiss francs for the supply of 32 Mörser 16 self-propelled mortar systems and 12 special vehicles to the Swiss Military.

The brand new mortar systemі consists of RUAG COBRA Mortar System that mounted on PIRANHA 5 wheeled automobile.

The COBRA is a high-tech mortar system that weighs 1,200 kg (without loading machine) and 1,350 kg (with loading machine). The recoil force is 30 tonnes in 30 milliseconds. The firing of the first round takes less than 60 seconds.

RUAG stated that its COBRA Mortar System is rapidly and accurately. Automatic setup and loading guarantee consistency with its 120 mm ammunition. Electrical drives make the system extremely accurate, whilst ballistic computing permits Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact (MRIS) firing.

Nevertheless, tests of the first manufactured samples of the Mörser 16 system, which resulted in improvements, and as a result, the Swiss Ministry of Defense approved the test results of the upgraded system.

An advanced model of the Mörser 16 mortar systems will be delivered in 2024.

By Brooks Schroth

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