Japan’s JS Akebono and U.S. Amphibious Assault Ship Conducts Joint Operation in East China Sea

Japan’s Maritime Self-Defence Force destroyers JS Akebono participate in a joint army drill with U.S. Navy in the East China Sea.

Japan’s JS Akebono and U.S. Amphibious Assault Ship Conducts Joint Operation in East China Sea

The U.S. Navy declared Friday that Amphibious assault ship USS America (LHA 6) and Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyer JS Akebono (DD 108) carried out a joint drill in the East China Sea.

America, the flagship of the America Expeditionary Strike Group, 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit, is functioning in the U.S. 7th Fleet area of operations to boost interoperability with partners and serve as a ready response force to defend peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific area.

The Navy’s latest amphibious assault ship, America, was designed from the ground as much as include expanded flight operations capability that permits greater interoperability with the Marine Corps F-35B Lightning II plane.

F-35 is meant to attack and destroy surface targets, intercept and destroy enemy planes, provide electronic warfare assistance, and network-enabled reconnaissance support throughout the full spectrum of combat missions.

It has an autonomous capability to strike a broad range of moving or fastened targets, either day or night and in adverse climate conditions.

These targets include air and ground threats, in addition to enemy surface units at sea and anti-ship or land-attack cruise missiles, and it can full your entire kill chain without reliance on exterior sources by using fused data from its onboard techniques and other F-35s.

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