U.S. Army to Spend Over $1 Billion on New LR PS Missile

The U.S. Army plans to speculate over $1 Billion for growing and test next-generation, a long-range precision-strike missile designed for the U.S. Army’s PrSM program.U.S. Army to Spend Over $1 Billion on New LR PS Missile

Based on the Inside Defense, the Army intends to purchase 1,018 Precision Strike Missiles for $1 billion across the fiscal year 2021 future years defense program.

This new surface-to-surface weapon system will ship revamped capabilities to attack, neutralize, suppress, and destroy targets using missile-delivered oblique fires out to 499+ kilometers. PrSM provides the Joint Force Commander with elevated range, lethality, survivability, and missile loadout.

These enhanced capabilities are essential to the successful execution of Fires in support of Multi-Domain Operations.

The next-generation precision-strike surface-to-surface weapon system will ship enhanced capabilities for striking, neutralizing, suppressing, and damaging targets at depth on the field and provides field artillery items a new long-range functionality while supporting brigade, division, corps, Army, theater, Joint and Coalition forces.

The PrSM program will turn into the new alternatives of the Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS). “Prism” will exchange the existing aged stock of non-Insensitive Munitions and Cluster Munition policy-compliant ATACMS.

By Luann Reagan

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