Iran to Hear Black Box Recordings After Plane Crash Blamed on Missile

Iran stated Friday it wanted to obtain black box recordings itself from a Ukrainian airliner that fell, killing all 176 people aboard, after Canada and others said the aircraft was brought down by an Iranian missile, in all probability by mistake.

Iran, which has refused the Boeing 737-800, was downed by a missile, stated it could take one or two months to remove information from the voice and flight data recorders. It stated it could ask Russia, France, Canada, or Ukraine if it needed assistance.

Tehran additionally said the investigation might take one or two years.

Ukraine stated it could not rule out an airstrike but had not confirmed this.

The Ukraine Airlines flight to Kiev from Tehran fell Wednesday when Iran was on high alert for a U.S. military answer hours after firing missiles at U.S. points in Iraq.

The incident adds to global pressure on Iran, after months of tension with the U.S. after which tit-for-tat military strikes. Washington killed an Iranian military general last week in an airstrike in Iraq, prompting Tehran’s missile launches.

On social media, many Iranians showed anger at the authorities for not closing the airport after Iran’s missile launches. Many passengers had been Iranians with dual nationality.

State TV earlier showed the battered black boxes, saying their data might be downloaded and analyzed.

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, citing intelligence from Canada and other sources, has criticized an Iranian missile for bringing down the plane that had 63 Canadians on board, although he stated it “may well have been accidental.”

By Luann Reagan

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