FAA Issues NPRM Notice for Remote ID for Drones

After several delays, the FAA has issued the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for Remote ID for drones and operators.

Remote identification of drones, and link of that identity with the drone operator, is considered a crucial part of an uncrewed traffic management (UTM) system and enforcing drone rules.

The rule has been delayed several occasions, because of the numerous stakeholders involved in the course and the complexity of the subject.

The bid has not yet been revealed to the Federal Register. The NPRM is scheduled to be printed on December 31.

In a media call this afternoon, FAA delegates answered questions about the bid.  Brandon Roberts stated that the aim of the regulation is created to fulfill the needs of security agencies and legislators to pave the way for business operations near and over people, in addition to flight beyond visual line of sight – however, is not a response to accidents or reports of rogue drones.

Roberts says that the next measures are official publication and receipt of public comments – expected to end on March 2, as Roberts says that the FAA is seeking to finalize the rule rapidly.

The guideline applies to all drones over .55 pounds, and any drone offered in the U.S. would be required to comply with design and production standards according to the rule.

In answer to a question, Roberts says that while the rule would require producers to make the Remote ID “tamper-resistant” and integrated to the drone, to prevent operators from intentionally evading compliance.

By Ronald Snow

Ronald has 10+ years outlining, releasing, and maintaining information services and products. He has worked at ZDNet and Reed Business Data to establish their web standing and worked with companies including Computer Shopper, PC Magazine, Variety, and Library Journal. AT ZD he looked over an editorial operations division that developed meta-tagging methods for advertising and promoting and news at delivery, electronic mail broadcasting methods, and interactive companies.

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