Qantas Determines to Put Two First Officers, One Second Officer on World's Longest Flights

Qantas Airways plans to have more skilled pilots onboard the world’s longest non-stop flights than on its present long-haul flights for the first 18 months since it evaluates weakness, stated sources with knowledge of the matter.

The airline stated last week it could buy as much as 12 Airbus SE A350 planes for the industrial flights of as much as 21 hours that features the Sydney-London route, however, the deal relies on pilots voting to approve a pay settlement in March.

Qantas stated Australia’s aviation regulator had provisionally suggested it noticed no regulatory barriers to the flights, which could extend pilot duty times to so long as 23 hours to account for potential delays. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) didn’t instantly comment.

The airline has conducted crew fatigue research on London-Sydney and New York-Sydney test flights.

On its current long-haul flights, Qantas has a crew of one captain, one first official, and two-second officials, the latter of which can only fly at navigating altitudes and can’t do takeoffs or landings.

Competitor Singapore Airlines uses two captains and two first officials on its near-19 hours’ flights to New York from Singapore.

Qantas has offered to crew non-stop flights to London and New York with one captain, two first officers, and one-second officer for the first 18 months so it may evaluate exhaustion-related issues, based on its pilot union e-newsletter, two pilots and a company source familiar with the matter who weren’t allowed to speak with media.

Qantas has introduced the pilots on its A330 line, which fly cross-country and Asian flights largely.

By Luann Reagan

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