DJI's AeroSpace Passes UK National Infrastructure Protection Agency Assessment

The UK has had its share of drone-related disturbance, notably with the grounding of flights over several days at Gatwick airport, London – around this time in 2018.

Ever since the UK government has been fighting with the problem of drone misuse, new laws have been passed carrying out drone registration for hobbyists. In contrast, airports across the nation have upgraded their security systems.

Now, DJI’s AeroScope system has been formally included in the UK’s Centre for the Safety of Nationwide Infrastructure (CPNI) Catalogue of Safety Tools. CPNI works to determine dangers to and scale back the vulnerability of infrastructure, together with airports.

AeroScope is a situational awareness tool that may be easily deployed at sensitive areas to detect and follow nearby DJI drones and the location of their pilots.

The program was tested successfully under the CPNI Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems Detect, Track and Identify Testing and Evaluation Standard. Consequently, it will be included in the CPNI’s recommended security equipment catalog.

AeroScope is focused on hobbyists and works on the presumption that people will follow the rules – each with regards to registration and no-fly zones. Consequently, it’s not intended to be deployed against drone pilots with wicked purposes.

AeroScope shows DJI’s best efforts to find a middle ground between authorities’ must identify drones and pilots’ right to fly without pervasive surveillance.

It works with all present versions of DJI drones and transmits through a current communications protocol, so there’s no requirement for new on-board equipment or changes.

By Ronald Snow

Ronald has 10+ years outlining, releasing, and maintaining information services and products. He has worked at ZDNet and Reed Business Data to establish their web standing and worked with companies including Computer Shopper, PC Magazine, Variety, and Library Journal. AT ZD he looked over an editorial operations division that developed meta-tagging methods for advertising and promoting and news at delivery, electronic mail broadcasting methods, and interactive companies.

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