Raytheon to Transform Face of Military Training in Future

Raytheon, one of renowned U.S. defense contractors that manufactures a wide range of products, from cruise missiles to combat-proven air protection systems, has unveiled a brand new reducing-edge army coaching product at I/ITSEC, the world’s most extensive modeling, simulation, and training event.

According to a recent Raytheon press release, the Synthetic Training Environment Soldier Virtual Trainer makes use of virtual actuality to train squads of soldiers in several scenarios while utilizing real and virtual weapons.

This will give Commanders the ability to overcome today’s limitations and take on the challenges of tomorrow.

The STE will leverage advancements in virtual actuality, big data analysis, artificial intelligence, and terrain representation to make this possible.

The brand new virtual simulator is designed to coach dismounted infantry and uses the latest technological advances to ship extremely effective training at a second’s notice from any location. It delivers unmatched realism and accessibility while dramatically lowering the cost and logistical challenge of high-consequence training.

The vision for the U.S. Army’s Synthetic Training Environment is to create a common artificial environment for soldiers to train together from anywhere on the planet. Raytheon’s STE SVT solutions that call and can completely change the way navy training is done.

By Luann Reagan

Luann Reagan is a freelance journalist with 18 years of combined experience in the news, communications, copywriting, and marketing. For over a decade, she served as editor for a few local newspapers and has also written for the Associated Press. As a self-proclaimed Tech Evangelist, Luann especially enjoys writing articles for Aerospace & Defence Talks. Currently, Luann contributes articles on overall industry updates.

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