EasyJet to be First Airways to Cut CO2 emissions

EasyJet’s commitment to balance its carbon emissions isn’t the end of its efforts to clean up its act, the budget airline’s CEO said, adding it will look into hybrid and electric planes amid criticism the aviation sector isn’t doing sufficient.

On Tuesday, easyJet stated it would become the first airline to meet net-zero carbon emissions across its whole community through offsetting its flights.

Critics of such plans say that paying to carry on flying isn’t any solution to ending emissions in a sector that has been a polluter for many years.

The aviation sector accounts for over 2% of global greenhouse fuel emissions, and if left unchecked, emissions are anticipated to rise as passenger and flight numbers rise.

EasyJet boss Johan Lundgren said the plan to spend 25 million pounds ($32.35 million) a year offsetting emissions was the “right thing to do,” and such measures have been being more and more demanded by buyers and customers alike.

However, he stated that collaborations with Airbus and Wright Electric to develop hybrid and electric planes, in addition to operational efficiencies, showed that the airline was not satisfied in thinking that the battle had been won.

EasyJet mentioned that it would undertake the offsetting via accredited schemes, along with initiatives to do with forest conservation and renewable energy.

Lundgren stated he had encountered the “flygskam” – or “flight shame” – movement in his native Sweden, which has brightened the spotlight on the emissions that the sector produces and encourages people not to take flights.

International airways have signed up to the Carbon Offsetting and Discount Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) to cap carbon emissions at 2020 levels through offsetting.

By Luann Reagan

Luann Reagan is a freelance journalist with 18 years of combined experience in the news, communications, copywriting, and marketing. For over a decade, she served as editor for a few local newspapers and has also written for the Associated Press. As a self-proclaimed Tech Evangelist, Luann especially enjoys writing articles for Aerospace & Defence Talks. Currently, Luann contributes articles on overall industry updates.

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