Zipline Uses Drones to Transform Humanitarian Care in Combat Situations

Zipline, the first and only national scale drone delivery service on earth, introduced that it has successfully deployed to Australia to pilot its life-saving technology throughout multinational forces exercises with the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) and the Australian Defense Force (ADF). The deployment aimed to indicate how Zipline’s logistics network of autonomous supply drones could help remodel emergency drugs and critical care in battle, in addition to humanitarian and disaster relief situations.

The medical drone delivery exercises in Australia have been part of a partnership between Zipline, The Defense Innovation Unit, and The Naval Medical Research Facility’s Naval Advanced Medical Development. DIU works to accelerate commercial technologies to resolve DoD issues. And NMRC-NAMD is focused on improving the readiness, survivability, and resilience of Sailors and Marines. The exercise aimed to supply the army with the ability to evaluate how this new expertise may instantly ship critical and life-saving supplies during combat.

In 2018, Zipline DIU, and NMRC-NAMD started exploring how drone delivery may rework critical care in forward-deployed environments. Because of that work, in October of 2018, the DoD asked Zipline to demonstrate its potential to deploy, build quickly, and function its instant drone delivery and logistics know-how to an austere environment on an undisclosed army center in the Western United States.

Zipline flew 227 sorties in various circumstances, including darkness, rain, and zero-visibility fog. Zipline further demonstrated its ability to answer frontline mass casualty events by swarm eight long-range delivery drones to a single region.

By Ronald Snow

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