British Clean-energy Company H2GO Collaborates with Ballard Unmanned System

British clean-tech company H2GO Power has collaborated with Ballard Unmanned Systems in what may be the first-ever test flight of a 3D-printed, hydrogen-powered drone.

According to an H2GO Power media release, the flight flown in late August from a test site in Boston.

Several tech companies have risen into the hydrogen-fuel analysis as the next-gen in drone power methods. Nonetheless, H2GO appears to be the first to boast a 3D-printed rotor UAV.

Hydrogen gas has been shown to maximize drone flight time with a cleaner energy footprint.

“The innovative design allows for as much as 15% of total drone weight reduction and quantity control – achieved by the 3D printed lightweight metal – in addition to creating internal structures that optimize heat administration into and out of the power system. This permits UAVs to travel three to five times further and carry heavier shiploads.”

Abo-Hamed added the corporate’s power system creates a safer process in addition to “lightweight, scalable, clean energy storage that creates major cost savings and is up to five times more efficient than current alternatives.”

Also, Estonian drone manufacturer SKYCORP has doubled the utmost flight time of its hydrogen-powered e-Drone Zero. The commercial drone can fly for two hours because of its extremely-lightweight fuel cylinder from AMS Composite Cylinders.

 Over the past 24 months, Intelligent Energy has launched four fuel-facing products for commercial drone tech. The corporate’s 800W Fuel Cell Power Module set a Guinness World Record for the longest multi-rotor flight time – 12 hours, 7 minutes and 5 seconds utilizing liquid hydrogen.

By Ronald Snow

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