South Korea Scrambles Fighters After Russia Enters its Airspace

South Korea flew fighter jets immediately after Russian warplanes entered South Korea’s air space identification zone on Tuesday, the most recent in a spate of such violations, its army mentioned.

A total of six Russian navy planes repeatedly entered the Korea Air Defense Identification Zone over six hours beginning at 9:23 a.m., Seoul’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) stated.

The incident noted the 20th breach of KADIZ by a Russian navy plane this year, the JCS stated.

“Our army urgently dispatched fighter planes to track and monitor the aircraft and broadcast warning messages,” the JCS stated.

 The wedge of sea between Russia, Japan, and the Korean peninsula had long been a flashpoint amid a string of regional airspace conflicts.

In July, South Korean bomber planes fired flares and hundreds of warning shots close to Russian bombers that breached South Korean airspace during what Moscow mentioned was its first long-range joint regional air patrol with China.

However, there have been no warning shots fired on Tuesday as the Russian plane didn’t enter South Korean territorial airspace, Seoul’s army stated.

An ADIZ is a region where countries could unilaterally demand that foreign planes take special moves to identify themselves, unlike a country’s airspace, which often means the area above its area.

The latest event came a day before the South Korean and Russian militaries held discussions to debate plans to open a hotline between their air forces as a part of efforts to rein in unreported ADIZ entries.

By Ronald Snow

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