US Navy Landing Planes Arrive in Brazil to Participate in World's Longest-running Maritime Training

Two U.S. Navy landing planes, air cushion with heavy gear came to the Brazilian Marine Corps Base of Ilha do Governador to be used for, the longest-running multinational maritime task, organized by the USA since 1959.

Along with the USA and Brazil, Argentina and Peru will provide ships and aircraft. Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Ecuador, Paraguay, and the UK will send personnel to take part; Japan and Portugal will watch, totaling 13 nations, 14 ships, one submarine, eight helicopters, and five planes. The united states CARTER HALL left Norfolk, Virginia, on August 4 with roughly 350 marines and sailors on board, en route to Rio de Janeiro to take part in the exercise.

In 2019, along with the sea operation, there will be an amphibious section, which will affect coordinated humanitarian assistance delivery to Marambaia Island. For the first time, this year’s training will concentrate on facilitating humanitarian help and disaster aid via regional maritime cooperation.

The training focuses on strengthening the existing regional collaborations and encourages establishing new ties by the exchange of maritime mission-focused information and expertise during multinational coaching operations.

The Commander of the U.S. Southern Command, Admiral Craig S. Faller, Rear Admiral Donald D. Gabrielson, Major General Michael F. Fahey, Colonel Robert T. Meade, and Captain Thomas E. Mayers will attend UNITAS. Admiral Faller will speak on the August 19 opening ceremony followed by a visit to a Brazilian helicopter carrier Atlantico.

By Luann Reagan

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