US Army to Employ AI Algorithms in New Smart Rifle

The U.S. Military’s next-gen rifle and machine gun shall be fitted with innovative fire control technologies, together with digital weapon camera and Artificial Intelligence.

The Next-Gen Squad Weapon expected to be outfitted with a rifle mounted advanced fire management optic system, in accordance with new information from the Joint Service Small Arms Program. The brand new weapon system will integrate the firepower and practical range of a machine gun with the accuracy and ergonomics of a rifle, yielding functionality improvements in accuracy, range, and lethality.

The weapon will be light-weight, fire ammunition and have diminished acoustic and flash mark.

In accordance with a June report from the Joint Service Small Arms Program, new Military’s rifle will make use of Artificial Intelligence algorithms for menace identification and prioritization.

Besides, a brand new weapon system will be fitted which is capable of offering вigitally Enhanced Aiming when matched with intention augmentation intelligent weapon platform (steerable barrel, digital trigger, and many others.), automated target identification and direct view primary optic with augmented reality overlay.

Additionally, noted that NGSW might be compatible with legacy optics and night vision gadgets and can integrate with improved, more successful accessories and enablers as they progress.

Following, NGSW is an effort to design a brand new infantry rifle or carbine to exchange the M4A1 carbine and a brand new squad automated weapon for switching the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon.

By Brooks Schroth

Brooks is a 25-year technology sector veteran with a background in enterprise software, market research, electronics, mobility, and digital imaging. He has been a photographer and developed remote control plane since highschool. Further, Brooks combined his ardor for photography and aeronautics in 1992 by learning aerial photography from human-crewed aircraft.

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