Skydio to Release New Drone This Fall

When Skydio’s R1 was launched in early 2018, the California startup set the bar for sense and avoid expertise in a consumer drone.

Since then, the firm has launched a developer program to encourage enterprise adoption and numerous new ‘skills’ to assist R1 customers in taking advantage of having a personal flying camera.

Skydio updated their website to mirror a move away from the unique R1 drone, meaning that something new is on the horizon.

The following statement was sent to subscribers, too.

The corporate doesn’t give much away in any respect, merely stating: “In case you’re thinking of purchasing a drone, wait.”

The whole point of the Skydio R1 was to have a drone that was intelligent enough and aware of its surroundings to handle aerial photography.

Skydio says they have “listened closely and worked tirelessly to design something that redefines what a drone can do,” which is a pretty big and thrilling claim.

To become a complete customer drone, the R1 arguably must be cheaper, more versatile, and portable.

Following the trend of most leading drone releases, users expect the following emphasis to be a bit smaller than the original R1. It would even be foldable.

It’s also going to be interesting to see if Skydio sells the R2 with a controller, to offer pilots the freedom to capture scenes exactly as they like, rather than being limited to an admittedly rising number of ‘abilities.’

By Luann Reagan

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