ParaZero and Heliguy Collaborate to Sell Safety Chutes for DJI Drones

Parachutes offer a strange but efficient safety measure for commercial drone activities, notably those flying close to people or with costly payloads.

UK drone retailer and DJI provider Heliguy confirmed plans to sell ParaZero’s SafeAir parachutes, which can be employed with a range of DJI drones to enhance safety and minimize damage within the case of a flight failure.

The SafeAir system monitors the drone’s key flight parameters for irregularities. The parachute deploys automatically in the case of a catastrophic flight crash, defending those below and decreasing the risk of payload and drone injury.

The system has proved effective even at low heights and an integrated mechanical flight termination tool that stops the rotors to prevent harm to the parachute and reduce the danger of severe accidents to people below.

ParaZero SafeAir further has a black box feature, which collects and stores flight information for post parachute deployment evaluation. Besides, the system is completely reusable and has been created to be easy to repack.

Before making it available to clients, Heliguy took ParaZero’s AirSafe system for a spin and checked it by assuming a power failure with a DJI M210.

Ben Shirley, Heliguy’s Chief of Safety, said, “The demonstration was very profitable, and the chute deployed almost instantaneously as soon as the motor stop was initiated at an altitude of 55m. The parachute then deployed within an approximate 10m decent, and the plane landed about 40m from the drop location. The only harm to the Matrice was to the landing equipment and Lightbridge antenna, both of which caught on impact.”

By Luann Reagan

Luann Reagan is a freelance journalist with 18 years of combined experience in the news, communications, copywriting, and marketing. For over a decade, she served as editor for a few local newspapers and has also written for the Associated Press. As a self-proclaimed Tech Evangelist, Luann especially enjoys writing articles for Aerospace & Defence Talks. Currently, Luann contributes articles on overall industry updates.

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