FAA Reminds Drone Users About TFR for Tropical Storm Berry

The FAA is warning drone pilots not actively involved in crisis response efforts to respect the temporary flight restriction (TFR) in effect across Tropical Storm Barry, on the coastal areas of Mississippi and Louisiana.

While drones have confirmed to be an invaluable instrument in storm recovery, to allow the coordinated response effort to operate smoothly, unauthorized pilots shouldn’t fly.  National and local companies have used licensed drones in different storm response operations for search and rescue, situational awareness for efficient operations, and in damage evaluation for rebuilding.

The FAA has revealed a NOTAM related to Tropical Storm Barry for the Coastal Areas of Mississippi and Louisiana.

The NOTAM is valid from Midday CT on July 12 and stays in effect till 8:00 p.m. CT on July 14. A copy of the NOTAM is available via the FAA’s NOTAM search tool.


Drone Pilots should be aware of the following:

  1. Avoid flying within the space unless conducting an energetic disaster operation or recovery mission.
  2. The FAA would possibly issue a temporary flight restriction within the affected regions.
  3. Remember that you can’t fly during a TFR without FAA permission.
  4. You might be able to get expedited permission to function during the TFR by the FAA’s
  5. Special Governmental Interest (SGI) process and is explained in FAA Order JO 7200.23A.
  6. If you are not certificated as a remote pilot or do not already have a COA, you cannot fly.

By Ronald Snow

Ronald has 10+ years outlining, releasing, and maintaining information services and products. He has worked at ZDNet and Reed Business Data to establish their web standing and worked with companies including Computer Shopper, PC Magazine, Variety, and Library Journal. AT ZD he looked over an editorial operations division that developed meta-tagging methods for advertising and promoting and news at delivery, electronic mail broadcasting methods, and interactive companies.

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